What is agency? How does agency work? Can you get better at it? It's actually doing stuff that gets you what you want, IDK, and maybe respectively. Here are some useful distinctions and observations that might help.
I like to think of estimations as moves in a game. The rules of the game are simple once you've picked the scoring system, but unfortunately the real…
Quick break from estimation, because I felt like writing something different, so today we’re going to talk about LitRPG, do some philosophy to it, and…
Estimation is hard! Especially when you don't do enough of it. Some tales from my recent flat move and all the ways in which I got estimation wrong…
Estimation should often start with coming up with a range of plausible values for the true value. In this article I show how that works.
Task estimation is hard because you don't actually know what task estimation is. Let me fix that for you.
Practical wisdom is the quality of knowing what to do is in a particular practical contexts. We all have some of it, and we could all benefit from…
Some parables about practical wisdom and the meaning of life.
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