Estimation should often start with coming up with a range of plausible values for the true value. In this article I show how that works.
Task estimation is hard because you don't actually know what task estimation is. Let me fix that for you.
Practical wisdom is the quality of knowing what to do is in a particular practical contexts. We all have some of it, and we could all benefit from…
Some parables about practical wisdom and the meaning of life.
We don't grow up all at once, and growing up fully requires us to acknowledge the parts of ourselves that aren't there yet, and help them grow up at…
Some people are a mix of too odd to fit in and too useful to ignore. I worry that we don't treat those people very well.
It's easier to become good at restricted ways of interacting with the world than it is to grasp it in its full complexity. This is fine and good, but…
One of the best things you can do to improve at a skill is have a community of people you swap stories about it with, and to extract discrete tactics…
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