Aug 11, 2020Liked by David R. MacIver

I feel a connection in this with a dilemma I've been tinkering with for the last while. I developed lots of social inner scripts about what responsible working life looked like over the past dozen or so years, but it's become increasingly clear that they only hold true for certain values. What I actually need to do to look after my mental health around work looks outright indulgent, yet the standard scripts ultimately don't work. It's definitely been useful for me to recognise that this is a conflict between being and appearing responsible.

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Yeah, workload management is a huge source of this sort of problem, you're right. There's both a huge amount of under-acknowledged variation in how much people can do (even before health issues are taken into account!) and also the default amount of what is taken as the "correct" amount to be working is just way too high for almost everyone.

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