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I really feel a kinship with this essay. The 'mode shift' idea is a huge revelation. I think if I label that there is a mode shift going on I'll be able to feel if I need to kick it into high gear or let the project/essay gestate and swirl until I'm ready.

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One insight I'm taking away from this is that sometimes my stated goals and my actual goals aren't the same, and I don't notice until I've achieved my actual goals but not my stated goals and suddenly I'm not motivated anymore.

(Typical case: a programming project where my stated goal is "create a tool that people will be able to use" and my actual goal is "write some code that exploits an idea or technology I'm interested in")

the nice thing about this realisation is that it rehabilitates some of my failures as "success at something else"

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Hi David, I'm wondering if you'd be interested in writing a guest post for A.I. Supremacy Newsletter?

The topic I'm looking for is:

"How Novices and Laypeople are Using A.I. to Do More in Less Time"

More info: https://aisupremacy.substack.com/p/guest-posts-on-ai-supreamcy

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"Almost all of my successful projects are structured as anytime projects. They are useful from fairly early on, can be contributed to incrementally, and can be abandoned almost at any point without being left feeling incomplete." - my mind is already blown!! amazing framework for projects

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